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Roon is a free and really easy blog platform. It starts up immediately, without any design configuration or any other complication. With Roon, you just have to register and start writing.

The text editor, like webapp, is fast and easy-to-use. You just have to add text to the main window and choose a few options from the lower bar, like what to put in bold or underline. Simple, easy and effective without evening have to worry about the images' dimensions, so that it can make them big enough. Roon will take charge of everything.

Roon was created to be displayed on all devices, regardless of the screen size. The best thing is that you don't have to do anything.

This simple blog platform doesn't have half of the configuration options that Wordpress has, but this is its greatest virtue: simplicity and efficiency that look for an audience that doesn't want to worry about blog configuration and just wants to write, upload a photo and publish them.

Roon doesn't have comments in its entries, but if you add a Twitter username in your Roon account, its readers can comment on different blog entries through this social network. That way, your readers can 'like' each one of your publications.
By Laura Del Pino
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